9:36 PM

Some very strange things happened today. Basically, when I wake up from a nap or from a night’s sleep since this week, I become quite disorientated and do not know what I am doing. To avoid this, I am not supposed to nap during the day (in addition to no caffeine and alcohol, and a heavily controlled sleep schedule). Being the sleep-loving person that I am, I accidentally fell asleep on some couches at school for an hour or so…

Apparently some weird shit happened and I have no memory of it whatsoever. I do have 5 shiny new 1-800-SUICIDE hotline highligher+pens that god knows where the manic Amanda picked up from. Also I had ketchup cups, and packets of salt and pepper from McDonalds, and stuck them in a tiny coffee cup, then gave it to a friend while they were sitting in the middle of the class. How I walked into a full lecture hall and managed to seek them out in a crowd of 100+? No idea. What an embarrassment. Oh! And there are some candy wrappers on my pockets. That is no suprise, but considering the fact that I had no candy in my backpack this morning, I hope the candy was not taken from a stranger or picked up from the ground.

Checking my pockets and back account, I found a recipt for french fries from McDonalds. Lots. Of. Fries. And not a single fry left in my backpack or any other crevice in my belongings. Did I eat them all? Did I feed them to the seagulls or squirrels? Who knows but I will not be napping recklessly at school again during this medicine trial month.


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