telling the parents 

Meet my new baby budgies:  Crouton and Lettuce (the pictures suck because they were scared of the camera and I didn’t want to go too close)


Green lil’ guy is Lettuce, the blue one is Crouton. 


How are they here? Well when I told my parents about my decision to take a break from UBC and pursue something else, I got in an argument with Mom. She said I wasn’t the same for 2 years since going to UBC and she was sick of my attitude. It happened to be way back in early January during Wave 3. Due to the fact my mind couldn’t handle anything else and screaming/ yelling words during the fight wasn’t helping, I broke and told my parents everything.

I got my younger brother’s help in google translating my conditions because I was a crying wreck (I still find the following difficult to type out, but I must accept it and get over my fears) “depression”, “bi-polar disorder”, “pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder”, and “anxiety”. My parents then finally understood and felt bad for never understanding their daughter. I told them mostly everything: the secret doctor visits, prescriptions… ect. 

The next day my mom gave me a formal apology for her ignorance to me for the past 2 years. She said she thought I was going through a teenage rebellion phrase but all along my mind was taking over my personality (also my teenage rebellion year already happened in Grade 8/ Age 12) My parents offered me their full support in any school decisions, paying for medication, and whatever I needed to get better. It was emotional to everyone. 

My only sadness is seeing my little baby personality of a brother (whom is a freakishly tall but gentle giant) age and mature overnight after seeing his older sister, whom was capable of anything and stood up fearlessly to all his bullies, succumb and struggle to an invisible illness. I wish I could be a stronger role model (and as I am typing these thoughts, tears are falling from my eyes). 

Anyways, my dad didn’t know how to help. He could offer no emotional support like my mom, nor make me laugh like my brother. Dad is not one for words and we literally communicate by bird noises. He knew I loved animals and caring for things but my brother is allergic to dogs and cats. So he decided to get me two little birds to cheer me on and keep me company when I need it. And now I have Crouton and Lettuce in my life to have one more motivation to stay alive. I am happy. And I am going to stop typing now because I would like to stop crying these tears of emotional happiness in case my wonderful family gets worried about me. 


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