12:48 AM

There was a car crash at the intersection near my house. Thankfully no one was hurt; I ran over in case CPR or first aid was needed but only the cars were a bit damaged. Which reminds me… I need to buy a mouth protecter and mini portable first aid kit in case I run into someone that needs help. 

I didn’t go to school today. 2/3 classes were canceled so why bother? It is getting boring for me and going to school is a tedious chore. I’ve become a chronic class skipper this semester but I remind myself that I just need to hang on for 2 more months, then I can let my mind wander. Unfortunately my mind doesn’t care and it does what it wants, whenever it wants. Skipping classes and doing enjoyable things is my one way of putting the mind back in control. I am finding some joy back in the form of making food and playing with my budgies (Crouton and Lettuce).


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