blood test results (I)

I got a call from my family doctor. The blood test results I took at the hospital emergency trip are in. Apparently I need to look at them?!? TIME TO FREAK OUT. I’m already struggling with a mental illness, I do NOT want to deal with a physical one on top or I’m going to die (*note: metaphorically and hyperbolic usage of the word “die”).

Of course me, being the anxiety-ridden paranoid freak that I am, is overthinking the worst case scenario (HIV or some fatal blood disease that god-knows-how-I’ve-caught). I will post the doctor’s visit the day I eventually find time to go. 

ALSO making me flip is my family doctor doesn’t know about my mental stuff and hospitalization. I am not comfortable talking to her about my mental issues, hence me not going to her in the first place. UGH… frickity frack fuck….


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