Leap Day- Feb. 29, 2016

I feel like a childish degenerate. All I’ve been doing is skipping class, playing video games, and watching anime. The paper due in 6 days is still 0% finished and I had 2 months to prepare. I haven’t talked to my non-school friends for many weeks. The friends at school are starting to notice something is wrong by my skipping and constant fatigue. However … I’m smiling and feeling happy. Due to the stressful and self-loathing circumstances, it is probably the medicine. 

My current state: It feels like I hate everything but cheerfully. No exaggerated waves of depression and mania. But I am always tired and sleepy. I can feel some joy occasionally and can recognize it. Some headaches have been occurring often and they require 2 advils. Also, I dream vividly and automatically  awake at 3-4am each night (side effects of the medicine). No motivation, still forgetful. It does not feel “normal” yet.


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