10:33 PM

I’ve skipped the whole day of school again. I stopped caring about classes, but not going to school relaxes me. My goal tomorrow is to try to go to all my classes. I also have to remind myself to go to the counsellor after school. 

I had a formal-wear work dinner today. They rented out a whole seafood restaurant. There were 11 dishes (so much), drag queens, and Indian dancing. Very random and strange, but despite the loudness and close proximity to people, I enjoyed it! 🙂 Thank goodness, I was afraid I couldn’t handle it … (but I admit my hands were shaking uncontrollably for the first 2-3 hours there). It was a 6 hour long party and I am proud of myself.

The dessert was handmade marshmallow coconut bunnies and cookies! It was too adorable so I couldn’t eat it. 



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