everyday the same dream

(Sometimes my day is uneventful and I don’t know what to write about. However, I want to continue my goal of posting once a day, thus this new category of “MEDIA” was made.)

First up: “Everyday the Same Dream” inspired by my constant boredom and class skipping. This is a simple online flash game that is very, very short (5-10 mins-ish) about feeling alienated in everyday life. As you play this game, you realize that everyday is literally the same thing for the protagonist. The game is in grayscale, which brilliantly emphasizes the pain of not feeling joy in what you do. It is depressing, but I find that game relatable to how I feel … the emptiness of being present but not feeling anything and wanting to escape from the dreariness of the wake/school/work/sleep daily neverending cycle.

There is a single ending to this game that you must manually trigger by exploring around (I don’t want to spoil the fun for you). But if you get stuck, a simple google of “everyday the same dream walkthrough” will help you escape the tedious curse of doing the same thing everyday. There are no pop-ups. I hate pop-ups and everything I post is 10000% pop-up free. PLAY HERE




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