curry is the best

New category: “Places”!! 

I actually got out to socialize, finally! I had dinner at the weirdest, most random, strangely secluded place today, at the surprise of a friend. A retirement home. And it wasn’t even to visit anyone; literally just for the food. In my head, I was like “What. The. Fuck.” to my friend at the logic of the restaurant choice. Anyways, “Hi Genki” was the name. It was located in the lobby of Nikkei Seniors Home near the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Center. 
The (authentic Japanese) restaurant is the definition of the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. At first glance, the medical setting and retirement home combined looked like death. But the restaurant was a complete contrast in ambiance. I actually managed to finish a whole bowl of curry/ rice/ vegetables … which is unheard of since the loss of my appetite (due to medical side effects)!! I had a big and pleasant surprise that amazing food can be found in strange, really really strange places! Exploring is funfunfun!!

(Photo Credits: M.C.) A picture of the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Center 



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