11:27 PM

I had a legitimate reason to skip a full day of school both yesterday and today; I have a sore throat and fever. Thankfully I was able to finish my German Literature essay on Elektra in time. I am feeling much better today … yesterday felt pretty terrible. My entire body ached and was hot to the touch. Still taking a second day off was needed as fighting a flash one-day fever was exhausting.

I’ve spent today staying indoors being all cosy and warm. Actually, I was toying around with the hardware of my 3DS XL… unscrewing it and taking out parts and stuff. Quite fun, but frightening because one wrong move could mean my Pokemon would vanish FOREVER (as well as the $300 I’ve spent buying the 3DS console). I found that there is a measly 4GB micro SDHC card acting as memory for the DS!!!! 4GB is not enough for me. So after testing out transferring DS/Nintendo licensing data on an unwanted 8GB micro SDHC card that I normally use for playing around with DS data, which was successful, I’m going to invest in a 32 GB SanDisk Extreme Plus card. It is currently on sale for 50% off at Best Buy and in stock and tomorrow is the last day, so I’ve gotta rush there tomorrow morning. I am not paying the normal $80 for a SD card. I could get a 32 GB Lexar brand SD card, but SanDisk has been tested by Nintendo for the purpose of transferring delicate data. Also many users of a certain forum recommend the particular SanDisk SDHC card I am looking at.

I need to be very careful with this. I call it delicate data because Nintendo is onto piraters and users of R4 DS systems whom had pirated their original DS games. I know because I used to pirate DS games on my old console XD hehehe. I’ve also attempted to hack into games when Nintendo began putting anti-piracy measures up but the coding was confusing. This time around with the 3DS, they have made extra efforts that NONE of the 3DS data may be tampered with and it must be all copied in a specific way/ order/ and program. Despite the risks and my habits of tampering with DS game data, the thought of doing “surgery” on my 3DS is exciting. My first test SD card data “surgery” was a success today, I hope it will turn out fine for the real deal!! *fingers crossed*


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