1:15 AM

I can’t sleep. Time for some mind games!

I managed to buy that SanDisk micro SD HC I mentioned yesterday. Decided on 16GB for $25 instead of 32GB for $40 because (get ready for some M A T H) 3 3DS games take up around 4GB space, 1 DS game is around $50 each. If I currently have 3 games, filling out the 4GB space (which was why I needed to buy a larger SD card)… 16 divided by 4 is 4. 4 times 3 games is 12 games. 12 games times $50/per game would be $600. There is no way in hell I would spend that much on video games, and that is just calculating the 16GB card.

Just for the heck of it, plus I can’t sleep, I’m going to calculate the cost if I filled up the 32GB. 32 divided by 4 is 8. 8 times 3 games is 24. 24 games times $50/per game is (lemme get a calculator… ) $1 200!!! Holy fuck no. I am glad I didn’t go for the larger card and waste money. 

**1:40 AM  Update**: I just realized 16 times two is 32. The second math crap part was completely unneeded. I could have just gone $600 times 2. I FEEL SO FUCKING STUPID THANK GOD I AM NOT A MATHEMATICS MAJOR BUT THEN AGAIN ITS ALMOST 2AM AND NO ONE CAN FIGURE OUT 1+1 AT THIS UNGODLY HOUR. (btw 1+1 is 3 without birth control… *ba-dum-tiss*) Okay I’m done. I really do need sleep. I’m like sleep drunk. Gah I’m so tired but I can’t frickity sleep!!


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