i have zero impulse control 

So meet my newest baby budgie, Milk!!!  

The lil’ baby is still exhausted and sleepy~ 

The story was … I went past a pet store and I had time to kill. Walked in, fell in love with that little baby, and I couldn’t bear to leave him in the dirty confines of the pet store, which did not provide food or water. In hindsight, one shouldn’t support these stores … but if I didn’t save him, he looked like he would die. I’d rather save a bird than unsuccessfully attempt to bring down a whole organization.

I was attracted to Milk and all his abnormally weird large amount of poofy-ness, plus he stuck out of the crowd. Also his friends picked on him and he looked sad and alone… I couldn’t leave him like that. Thank goodness he is in a safe place with Crouton and Lettuce; ravished and malnourished Milk has just been wolfing down food and sleeping for the past 5 hours. I’ve noticed he has bad sleeping posture.

Group picture of the budgie family !!  Left to right: Crouton, Milk, Lettuce. 



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