a new art invention by yours truly 

I’ve discovered something new about myself this week! Since Monday I’ve been snickering at the word “Gemini” and laughing my ass off when purposly pronouncing it wrong as “gee-nee-nee”.

I enjoy pronouncing things wrong!!! It is a recent phenomenon and it thrills me that I have found a new thing to wrap my mind around. Also I am finding joy in something new and refreshing. Pronouncing words wrong is not as easy as it sounds. You must reverse vowels and toy around with the different ways it can be used. For example: the vowel “A” can sound like “ah”in “apple”, but more like “uh” in “parrot”. I’m no linguist so none of it probably made sense. 

I found a YouTube channel that entertains me and teaches me the art of mispronunciation. Also it would explain my train of thought. How to Pronounce Crème Brûlée


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