1:02 AM

Shit. I’ve just remembered to do an assignment for German Literature that was due online at 8pm today. Frickity fruck man there goes 1% off the final grade! Late assignments are not accepted, so whatever. There is no point in doing it.

Also according to the couse outline (which I haven’t read until the last 3 weeks of school) each unexcused absence costs 3% of the final grade. In other words … I am SO Screwed. Wow. I am actually going to fail a class… wow. That reminds me, I’ve skipped so much of discussions (worth 10% for participation/ attendance) for Political Science. I literally only attended 3/9 discussion classes so far.

The not-so-funny thing is… I FEEL NOTHING. It is kinda concerning but I am at a mental state where I do not give a crap about anything. 


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