9:30 PM

The vivid dreams are starting to invade what I think is real versus what is not real. Sometimes I dream of something and I think it actually happened in reality.

Last night I dreamt I was cheated on and woke up to call that person. But then when I looked at my phone, something was off, and I realized it was a dream. However, every time I wake up from such a vivid dream, everything is so confusing. If it is an upsetting dream, it feels so strong that I have an urge to cry all day. There is nothing I can do to stop feeling that way. Sometimes, I dreamt that someone texted me something. Personally, I am someone who tries to reply to messages ASAP, so I’d be really confused the next morning when I am trying to find that message to reply to.

I’ve also began talking and making noises in my sleep. I had a nap at school once and screamed in my sleep. The people nearby rushed over to make sure I was okay. It was quite embarassing at the time, but now it makes a funny story. It is all a side effect of the anti-depressants … a rather confusing, sometimes upsetting, yet interesting one.


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