blood test results (II)

So I’ve finally got my ass to the family doctor to check on the blood test results from the hospital. My appointment was scheduled for 2:30pm and I waited for 3 hours … sigh. At least I had my awesomely upgraded 3DS to kill time. (BTW I finished my Pokemon game). Anyways …

The only one problem with my blood : there is something with the liver, and the problem only occurs with sudden execessive drug or alcohol intake. I did not tell anyone except some close friends and the doctors at the emergency, but exactly 6 days before doing to blood test, I did that “sudden execessive drug or alcohol intake”. That would explain why the blood test results were abnormal. It is a short term thing, and fixable. My liver wasn’t used to the sudden intake of harmful substances. I’m going to aim to drink lots of healthy fluids in the coming days.

The main reason I got a call was that the doctor was concerned about why there was a random blood test from the emergency room. Personally, I don’t like my family doctor as she is impatient and does not deal with mental health concerns. She is also quite harsh and greeted me in Cantonese to the English equavalient of “so, what’s wrong with you today?” Perhaps I am sensitive, but I don’t like being thought of being greeted as a malfunctioning human being just because of some mental thing. Also, the topic of mental health is difficult for me to talk about, and my family doctor does not respect that.

My mom went with me to help explain it to the doctor in case she asked questions. She told her the whole situation. The doctor (whom has been my family doctor since before birth), said in Cantonese something along the lines of “I don’t understand why this is happening to you. I’ve watched you grow your entire live and was the doctor to all the members of your family, why have you developed this problem?” I felt pretty terrible and guilty as if I was letting everyone down. I mean, I don’t want to deal with this problem either, don’t ask me why it has developed and compare my family’s health versus my own. Again, thankfully my mom was there so I didn’t have to talk the entire time (my mom knows I find it difficult to talk about it. Also, we agreed beforehand that she would talk in my place, since as predicted, my throat would jam up and close).

In the end, the family doctor just said to keep seeing the doctors that I was already doing. There wasn’t much she could do to help me. Note to self : I’ve got to start looking for a different longterm family doctor in case blood test results or random crap needs to be sent some where.


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