2:43 PM

VERY STRESSED right now. I am actually going to fail a course, as in I will get ZERO for skipping too many classes. Specfically German Literature. I have just recieved a personal e-mail from my professor (YIKES that is brutal) detailing the possible failure because I have possibly skipped the maximum of 10 classes or am close to skipping the maximum. Once I have skipped 10 classes, I automatically get a 0. The problem is, I have lost track of how many classes I have skipped.

I can either a) go to class and and do nothing about it, and possibly fail.  b) drop the couse right now and get a W standing on my transcript.  c) get documentation from my doctor and counsellor about the mental illness and go talk one on one with the professor.

Every option, I will die. C is the best option, but it is the hardest to do … talking about mental illness and academic consession while being professional and without crying. Currently I am on the edge of just straight up dropping the course and getting a W standing … I am not risking the 0/fail on a transcript. A “W” is better than a fail.  However, before I make rash decisions, I have meeting with the counselor on Monday … tomorrow, so I will discuss the options with them.


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