2:24 PM

Found out today at work that I’m currently ranked as the most proficient cashier. Um… what? Not it was not a mistake. It also just happened that a person working in the head offices came by today, so I got introduced to them (I was the only one that was introduced O_O ) and the heads in my division praised my good manners and pleasant personality. What?!? Wow … to be picked to represent the entire department… I am incredibly flattered!!

Awkward anxiety moment: I thought the supervisors hated me the entire time!!! Today was the biggest mind blowing moment, and it shows me how out of control the anxiety is getting. My mind has been completely overthinking everything and mistaking their leaving me alone as hating me, when in reality, they actually trusted me to be alone and do the work properly without supervision. In other words, I thought they left me alone because they didn’t like me. I was actually left alone because I was trusted to be responsible all by myself. At least I feel relieved now that there is paper evidence that my mind is overthinking COMPLETELY waaaayy out of proportion.

I’ve been concentrating on targeting depression-related behaviours, perhaps it is time to also do the same for the anxiety ones. I am shocked that it has gotten so out of proportion that my interpretation of the surroundings and my situations are out of sync with reality.


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