10:50 PM

Got a haircut. It has been a while since I have and my lion’s mane has been looking like overgrown grass. It was all ruffled and out of place like a bird’s armpit feathers. Have you seen bird armpit feathers? If not, go pick up a bird and lift one wing, I promise it will be a wild ride. ( Disclaimer : I am not responsible for any bruised egos. And if you get hurt, I’m laughing. ) Catching wild birds is quite fun, provided they are freed after so someone else can have in on the entertainment.

A random thing and probably too much information, I tried using a hair depilatory cream the other day and I’ve got a chemical burn on a … *ahem* … pretty bad place to have one. Awkward … and painful. But hey, all for science! The creams apparently break down chemical bonds in hair so it changes the structure and texture of hair which is really fun and cool stuff! The downside is that hair is connected to skin.

I’m feeling a tad grouchy for no reason this evening. Perhaps I’ll head to sleep early just in case, y’unno … the waavvvvee has decided to rear it’s ugly face early and fuck me up.


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