turtle adoption 

 About a week ago, I was asked by my dad’s co-worker to take in 2 red eared slider turtles as they couldn’t keep them anymore. I have a reputation for being a zookeeper and loving every single one of my babies. I couldn’t say no …. so here they are! …. In my sink as I prepare their new home. Over the next week I’d have to go shopping for aquarium accessories, such as a new sunbathing rock, and fake plants for the turtles to hide and sleep in. 

One of them is malnourished (it has a flat shell), and missing a fingernail due to injury. The other has an unhealthy, peeling shell, meaning pieces of the shell are flaking off. I can see that the old owner neglected them until finally giving up. It makes me feel sad for the babies, but I hope to nurse them back to health soon! Also to make them feel loved … if it is even possible for turtles to feel love.

I haven’t thought of names yet, but my other 2 turtles (yellow belly sliders) are named Cheeseburger, and Big Mac. I would like to match them. These 2 new ones are a lot smaller than Cheeseburger and Big Mac. My house is a huge zoo, and cage/aquarium clean-up day will take up literally a day. 4 birds, and 4 turtles requires lots of work. 


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