11:50 PM

My throat hurts die due to overuse at work. You see, I generally don’t talk at all during the week when I am at school. This goes especially the past few weeks when I’ve been skipping more classes and spending while days quietly alone. The voice isn’t used to suddenly being used for 3 days each week after 4 days of silence.

I’ve bought a ton of lemons and mint tea for my invention : Amanda’s herbal tea remedy!! The recipe is to brew some hot mint tea + lemon slices + honey + 2 frozen raspberries + a dried rose (found in Asian herb stores). The raspberries are for colouring so the tea looks rosy as if the steeped rose petals let out a pretty pink/red hue. Rose petals help the body flush out toxins, speed up metabolism, and digest meals easier. I pick the seeds out of the lemon slices after slicing. Drinks taste better without worrying about swallowing  lemon seeds, and can be more fully enjoyed. Also lemon seeds are bitter, and no one wants to eat that. Mint feels naturally relaxing but don’t use crappy mint because it will taste bitter. Sometimes I use mint leaves instead of mint tea bags, but it is more expensive and impractical as mint plant leaves don’t last long. Honey is because I like sweet tea, and to cancel out the sourness of the lemon. 

Time to rest and hope the throat improves!


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