hike no. 1

As the title suggests, I went on my first hike in a long time today. I’ve gone hiking before years ago but I wasn’t too good at it. One time when my cousins took me hiking, I got my first asthma attack. (How exciting). I remember that I wasn’t sure what was happening and why it was so difficult to breathe, then cried while panicking … which made the asthma attack worse. Long story short, I cried all way up there but hey! I finished the trail!

The hike today was at Deep Cove; a very picturesque and leisurely neighborhood. My friend said it was a “short 1 and 1/2 hour walk”, but to my short legged depression- fatigued body, it felt like it took the whole damn day. However, much to my surprise, I wouldn’t have minded even if it did take a whole day. Being away from the city and surrounded by dense and warm green trees feels fresh. The air is cleaner, and the fellow hikers that we passed by feel friendly and open, as if we shared a certain camaraderie by attempting to conquer the mountains together. The people there are much more humble and kinder that it makes me not feel alone. The forest, with the singing birds and running water in the background, gives a sense of “You are physically/mentally here and safe from the outside world.” It is like being in a different dreamy realm there, versus the dreary city.

This “first” time there was no asthma attack. But much to my embarrassment, something possibly even worse happened (worse as in I have no shame left *sobs*). Within the first 15 minutes into the trail, I felt my breakfast coming up. To be fair, I am stupid when sleepy and hungry, thus went to a place known for causing food poisoning for breakfast. Then right in front of several hikers and my friend, I lost my breakfast *sob*. GAHH on one hand, I felt physically much better, but on the other … my pride got punched in the face. I am a terrible person for being terrified if someone witnesses me throwing up … it’s so embarrassing that I metaphorically died. I also almost cried after due to being embarrassed. 

After resting my shameless soul, I was determined to finish the trail even if I would puke the entire way up. The logic was, I’d feel even worse and more embarrassed if I needed to turn back. Hell no! I may be short but I ain’t weak (okay well I am kinda weak and clumsy). And success! No more throwing up PLUS I made it up! The view was spectacular … so much that it couldn’t be captured in pictures, plus it is too tiring to take pictures after dumping out the contents of one’s stomach. 

Long story short, on the way back down, I fell down several times and currently have some bruises. Also to add salt into my bleeding, wounded pride, I automatically scream when falling. The way down was easier. To end the trip, we walked around the village of Deep Cove and watched the sparkles in the water. It was tiring but felt rewarding and relaxing. I enjoyed it, much to my surprise! Being back home feels bland and blerggg … cities are gross and lonely.



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