5:24 PM

I accidentally overslept by a lot … 4PM. I feel guilty because I’ve wasted my day being a lazy butt. On the other hand, it could be my body recovering from yesterday’s hike, and the throwing up. Throwing up is exhausting. Also I now I feel completely refreshed and full of energy so I decided to make PANCAKES. 

It sounds weird being fascinated by pancakes, but I’ve never made legitimate pancakes for breakfast; I grew up without pancakes. How can a piece of flour plus butter taste good?? I wanted to try…

10 minutes and some pancake flour + milk + eggs + a skillet, later it was done. I made 2 HUGE blobs of pancake. I had the ingenious idea to add chocolate pudding in between the pancake blobs. Then smeared butter on top. It looked weird and kinda gross. But it tasted good! The recipe produced too much pancake for one person and I ended up throwing out most of my unfinished pancake brunch. 

(Yep, it looks like a mess).  


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