4:24 PM

Had a long ass nap. I went to school only for German literature class and the stupid attendance sheet, then skipped my other two classes just to nap at home. The best part being home alone is napping naked. Yes, I prefer sleeping with no clothes on, (is this something to be posting here?? Whatever. I could care less) but I keep the underpants on only because I’m biologically female and shit blood happens. I only sleep without clothes if no one is home, just in case y’unno, something scares my paranoid mind and I need to run.

It is ammmmmaaazzzinnnngggg. I fall asleep instantly. It feels free and clothes trap too much body heat. My body naturally produces a lot of warmth so I don’t get cold sleeping underneath cold cozy sheets. Cuddling in cold and soft sheets …. yessssss….. Also my bedsheets are soft and I enjoy the sensation of soft things on my skin … That sounded weird…. I’m done talking about how much I love sleeping naked for now. But it just feels so good and sastifying…. The feeling of coming home after a hot and tiring day to lie down on a cold soft blanket and pass out. When the day comes and I finally move out on my own, you can bet I’ll be sleeping naked.


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