translucent salad rolls?!?

Just kidding, they’re called Vietnamese Salad Rolls. I made these for the first time yesterday and it took THE WHOLE FRICKIN DAY because I accidentally had too many ingredients and didn’t want to waste any so I made dozens of ’em. I’m not giving the quantities I used because I screwed up and had too much leftover stuffing… aka it would not help you at all! But they’re incredibly simple, pinky swear 🙂 


  • Rice paper rolls (22cm, can be found in Asian super markets)
  • Cilantro 
  • Basil (optional)
  • Mint leaves (optional) 
  • Lettuce
  • Rice noodles, white coloured 
  • shrimp (any size)
  • sweet garlic for the dipping sauce (optional but highly recommended, can be found in Asian supermarkets)
  • Melted peanut butter for the dipping sauce (optional but highly recommend)

Cut the basil/mint/cilantro into small pieces. Lettuce into rectangularish strips. Cook the shrimp until pink and soft. Follow the packages instructions for the rice noodles. Drain everything, and I mean DRAIN. It needs to be dry because soggy rolls are gross. For the rice noodles, run them under cold water before draining and drying to cool them off.

What I did after was fill a bowl full of lukewarm water and dip each rice paper into it for 15 seconds or until it was malleable, not too soft or else it will rip while wrapping! Then in the centre, add shrimp, then the herbs. I found add a literal pinch of the herb mixture to be enough for one roll. Add lettuce strips and less than what you think you need of rice noodles. Always add less than what you think because it will make wrapping more easier. 

What makes the salad rolls awesome is the dipping sauce, but you don’t NEED it but it’s a good idea to dip. really. My first couple salad rolls were shitty, and eventually I got the hang of it. I’ve made way too much… There are actually several plates of the rolls….



10:45 PM

Wow, my co-workers at work actually do care about me! The news that I was in the emergency due to fainting (and that I took my FIRST sick day off, ever) spread like wildfire in a dry British Columbian forest. I’ve repeated the story way too many times that I am sick of it, but it is a good thing. It means many people were worried about me.

I am happy they were concerned for me. I only told one person, the supervisor in charge for the day, that I fainted and was in emergency … how did even the secluded office workers doing paper work know?!? And they asked me how I was today, which was nice. I feel happy that there are so much people that unexpectedly cared for me and my wellbeing. I could say they are starting to feel more like friends and family more than just co-workers and supervisors.

Riding in a Hospital Stretcher – April 20/16

April 20th, 2016. It was super hot and sunny today. I decided to wear a tank top and change into my work uniform at work. I left the house early without eating breakfast, planning to eat when I got to work. Bad mistake ….

So on the way to work today around 11am, after walking a long a long sunny path and taking the hot stuffy bus, I felt dizzy and my stomach kinda hurt. Right outside the courtyard of the mall where I work, in front of lots of people relaxing in the sun, I felt my knees buckle and everything went black…

When I woke up 15 seconds later, I was lying on the cement ground in the same place where I fell and I saw a bunch of people surrounding me … and I felt my pants were wet. I figured I shit and peed myself while I was unconscious. Fuck, it was so uncomfortable … but not as embarassing as the crowd gathering around me. I have my faith in humanity restored as complete strangers gathered my belongings/ kept everything safe, offered me cold drinks, called the ambulance, and grabbed a security guard from the mall…. and other things that I wasn’t aware of I was very grateful for these people, and I regret not being able to thank them because … y’unno, I was BLACKED OUT.

Anyways, shortly after, the ambulance came and I was lifted onto a stretcher and transported to the hospital emergency. Immediately after I regained consciousness, I called in sick to work. I’ve never called in sick to anything, but yeah …. I explained the situation and they were understanding (flash forward to much later in the day they called me again to make sure I wasn’t too injured or anything). At the hospital, I got put in a wheelchair and blood taken, blood tests, then I was put in a waiting room. This point, I called y emergency contacts and let my friends know. One friend (thank you M.C.) was the first to arrive before my mom. It was much more comforting not being alone in a emergency waiting room.

My mom took the rest of the day off her work (flash forward, her boss later called her to make sure I was okay … so many people care about me that I am happy). She bought me a spare change of clothes. Needless to say, we threw out the spoiled underwear into the garbage that I y’unno … in … and cleaned myself up. I felt MUCH better afterwards. Then I got my heartbeat checked out by some fancy schamncy machine. My mom got me and my friend some food …. at this point it was 3PM and I was starving because I haven’t eaten anything.

The results finally came out after the long ass wait from the doctor, and there was no apparent reason I fainted and I was allowed to leave the hospital (it was around 4PM by then). We suspect it was either not eating breakfast, or heat exhaustion/ heat stroke. I’ve had dizziness due to heat exhaustion before so that may have been the case. What an interesting day … would not do that again. It was terrible. I would have preferred a peaceful day at work instead of worrying the entire world. But I am also glad today happened because now I know that there are so many people that care about me.

12:04 AM

What a somewhat relaxing day today, I literally slept allllll day! Anyways … it was somewhat relaxing because I got a random call from a friend whom was in the emergency and needed a ride. Thankfully they were okay, and the injury wasn’t too big. I am happy they are mostly okay, because hearing the word “hospital emergency” is an immediate red flag. It was an interesting car ride, as we got a bit lost on the way. 

1:51 AM

I haven’t been so good with remembering to post lately AND my sleep schedule. I will work on both. 

I’m working a staggering 2 and 1/2 shifts this week compared to last week’s crazy 5! Thank goodness, it is time for some rest and real studying. This week I hope to fix up the stuff I’ve been neglecting…. like cleaning my turtle’s aquarium. 

Sigh turtles are not smart … one of ’em choked on a fish because it forgot how to use it’s claws to tear it apart. Mind you, the fish was as large as it’s head, also it has used those claws many times before to tear apart fish… It tried swallowing the fish whole. 

That did not go well and yes, that is a vomiting turtle : (apologies for blurry pics, underwater photography doesn’t work well with moving turtles)

2:42 AM

I’ve been obsessed with this survival horror game called “Corpse Party”. It is hella gory and violent. I am concerned about why I like it so much because the content is so bloody. I guess it feels like a guilty pleasure….

Holy crap I need to sleep now

9:53 PM

So I have a specialist psykiatrist appointment in September. I recieved a phone call about it yesterday from the Mood Disorders Association of BC. It sounds scary. But all the way in September? Wow. 

Anyways back to sleeping and stressing out about school and work…