11:33 PM

I DID IT!! Successfully talked to my German Literature professor and holy shit! He was so amazing and accommodating. How the conversation went: 

  • Me: “Hello professor, I’ve got a letter for you.”
  • Prof: “for me? Wow.” *opens letter* “Oh, I thought it’d be a little more .. romantic.”

That’s all I had to say. He immediately fixed my attendance record and went the extra mile and omitted the assignments I forgot to do, as well as offer me chocolate while chatting about his embarrassing experiences with meeting a world famous opera songer whom played Papageno in Die Zauberflöte to make me laugh. I did let out a few tears but it wasn’t ugly crying, a few just fell out as I was giving the letter and I immediately recovered afterwards. He photocopied a copy of the mental health documentation too for my personal student files in the future!

I figured that he chatted and made me laugh for 10ish minutes to make sure my current mental state was not too bad. I am immensely relieved and grateful at how the entire experience went. I was WAY better and easier than I expected. To think I was scared of this seems silly … looking back I am pleasantly surprised at how supportive university professors really are, and they truly care about the wellbeing of their students. I am not just a number. Today’s experience with a professor taught me that they are people I can trust in the future, and I will never forget the kindness of my German Literature professor.


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