7:08 AM – Wave 8

Yep here it comes, Wave 8. I feel extra fatigued and sleepy. I felt it arrived yesterday, hence me feeling exhausted all day. Today I feel no motivation to get up for school so I’m taking a mental health break… After all I am spared from worrying about German Literature since my professor is AMAZING and omits my absences to allow me to rest when needed. Geez … I should done this earlier  if I had known it was so easy and professors are so accommodating and understanding.

My only regret is that today is the last day of classes. But I know if I force myself to go to school today, I’d feel even more miserable. I’ve figured that when I feel a wave, the best thing to prevent it from escalating into sucidal thoughts is to drop everything and rest ASAP. If I spend the whole day resting today, the wave should be over when the day ends without escalating.


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