12:01 PM

This week will be hellish. I have 5 work shifts (WTF?!?) on top of 2 finals as well as another final in 2 weeks. Also I need to find time to sleep… I need a lot of sleep to stay sane, since I don’t reply on caffeine as much anymore. Ah yes I need to study. I am basically screwed as I don’t go to my lectures … I’m going to learn one semester of level 200 political science in 3-4 days!! Whoopeee… I am a piece of shit….

After this week ends, I need to get going on my Douglas school registration, figure out doctor appointment and conselling for summer (my school counselor doesn’t work when UBC is closed for the summer). UGH. At least the conseller is helping with that; she promised I wouldn’t be left alone in this condition. Also I have to re-figure out and plan my school path, as well as calculate tuition money. 

I have to be careful and not stress myself. The medical side effects should be activation this or next week. BUT HOW CAN I NOT STRESS. 


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