aquarium visit

Last Monday I had a lovely visit to the local aquarium; the Vancouver Aquarium! The last time I’ve gone there was when I was a toddler so everything was new and exciting! 

The jellyfish were spellbinding  … 

 Also I got myself a little souvenir, a sea otter wearing a red hoodie. I named him “SpeedRacer” after a fish I fell in love with whom swam SUPER FAST NONSTOP and did 13 laps in 2 minutes around his gigantic fish tank!
Also the gang of penguins looked like they were bullying the one on the right.  Poor guy…

The narwhal stuffies looked so sad !! Look at their nose, gosh it is droopy and sad. 

And this is SpeedRacer’s name inspiration and sorry the picture is blurry because he is SO FUCKING FAST!! The fish is a Threadfin Butterflyfish.

And finally, SpeedRacer! 

And I totally skipped class to spend a day at the aquarium. It was worth it and refreshing. I felt carefree and lost in this magical underwater world swimming with beautiful, gorgeous fish.


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