1:51 AM

I haven’t been so good with remembering to post lately AND my sleep schedule. I will work on both. 

I’m working a staggering 2 and 1/2 shifts this week compared to last week’s crazy 5! Thank goodness, it is time for some rest and real studying. This week I hope to fix up the stuff I’ve been neglecting…. like cleaning my turtle’s aquarium. 

Sigh turtles are not smart … one of ’em choked on a fish because it forgot how to use it’s claws to tear it apart. Mind you, the fish was as large as it’s head, also it has used those claws many times before to tear apart fish… It tried swallowing the fish whole. 

That did not go well and yes, that is a vomiting turtle : (apologies for blurry pics, underwater photography doesn’t work well with moving turtles)


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