Riding in a Hospital Stretcher – April 20/16

April 20th, 2016. It was super hot and sunny today. I decided to wear a tank top and change into my work uniform at work. I left the house early without eating breakfast, planning to eat when I got to work. Bad mistake ….

So on the way to work today around 11am, after walking a long a long sunny path and taking the hot stuffy bus, I felt dizzy and my stomach kinda hurt. Right outside the courtyard of the mall where I work, in front of lots of people relaxing in the sun, I felt my knees buckle and everything went black…

When I woke up 15 seconds later, I was lying on the cement ground in the same place where I fell and I saw a bunch of people surrounding me … and I felt my pants were wet. I figured I shit and peed myself while I was unconscious. Fuck, it was so uncomfortable … but not as embarassing as the crowd gathering around me. I have my faith in humanity restored as complete strangers gathered my belongings/ kept everything safe, offered me cold drinks, called the ambulance, and grabbed a security guard from the mall…. and other things that I wasn’t aware of I was very grateful for these people, and I regret not being able to thank them because … y’unno, I was BLACKED OUT.

Anyways, shortly after, the ambulance came and I was lifted onto a stretcher and transported to the hospital emergency. Immediately after I regained consciousness, I called in sick to work. I’ve never called in sick to anything, but yeah …. I explained the situation and they were understanding (flash forward to much later in the day they called me again to make sure I wasn’t too injured or anything). At the hospital, I got put in a wheelchair and blood taken, blood tests, then I was put in a waiting room. This point, I called y emergency contacts and let my friends know. One friend (thank you M.C.) was the first to arrive before my mom. It was much more comforting not being alone in a emergency waiting room.

My mom took the rest of the day off her work (flash forward, her boss later called her to make sure I was okay … so many people care about me that I am happy). She bought me a spare change of clothes. Needless to say, we threw out the spoiled underwear into the garbage that I y’unno … in … and cleaned myself up. I felt MUCH better afterwards. Then I got my heartbeat checked out by some fancy schamncy machine. My mom got me and my friend some food …. at this point it was 3PM and I was starving because I haven’t eaten anything.

The results finally came out after the long ass wait from the doctor, and there was no apparent reason I fainted and I was allowed to leave the hospital (it was around 4PM by then). We suspect it was either not eating breakfast, or heat exhaustion/ heat stroke. I’ve had dizziness due to heat exhaustion before so that may have been the case. What an interesting day … would not do that again. It was terrible. I would have preferred a peaceful day at work instead of worrying the entire world. But I am also glad today happened because now I know that there are so many people that care about me.


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