10:45 PM

Wow, my co-workers at work actually do care about me! The news that I was in the emergency due to fainting (and that I took my FIRST sick day off, ever) spread like wildfire in a dry British Columbian forest. I’ve repeated the story way too many times that I am sick of it, but it is a good thing. It means many people were worried about me.

I am happy they were concerned for me. I only told one person, the supervisor in charge for the day, that I fainted and was in emergency … how did even the secluded office workers doing paper work know?!? And they asked me how I was today, which was nice. I feel happy that there are so much people that unexpectedly cared for me and my wellbeing. I could say they are starting to feel more like friends and family more than just co-workers and supervisors.


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