translucent salad rolls?!?

Just kidding, they’re called Vietnamese Salad Rolls. I made these for the first time yesterday and it took THE WHOLE FRICKIN DAY because I accidentally had too many ingredients and didn’t want to waste any so I made dozens of ’em. I’m not giving the quantities I used because I screwed up and had too much leftover stuffing… aka it would not help you at all! But they’re incredibly simple, pinky swear 🙂 


  • Rice paper rolls (22cm, can be found in Asian super markets)
  • Cilantro 
  • Basil (optional)
  • Mint leaves (optional) 
  • Lettuce
  • Rice noodles, white coloured 
  • shrimp (any size)
  • sweet garlic for the dipping sauce (optional but highly recommended, can be found in Asian supermarkets)
  • Melted peanut butter for the dipping sauce (optional but highly recommend)

Cut the basil/mint/cilantro into small pieces. Lettuce into rectangularish strips. Cook the shrimp until pink and soft. Follow the packages instructions for the rice noodles. Drain everything, and I mean DRAIN. It needs to be dry because soggy rolls are gross. For the rice noodles, run them under cold water before draining and drying to cool them off.

What I did after was fill a bowl full of lukewarm water and dip each rice paper into it for 15 seconds or until it was malleable, not too soft or else it will rip while wrapping! Then in the centre, add shrimp, then the herbs. I found add a literal pinch of the herb mixture to be enough for one roll. Add lettuce strips and less than what you think you need of rice noodles. Always add less than what you think because it will make wrapping more easier. 

What makes the salad rolls awesome is the dipping sauce, but you don’t NEED it but it’s a good idea to dip. really. My first couple salad rolls were shitty, and eventually I got the hang of it. I’ve made way too much… There are actually several plates of the rolls….




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