May 2016 Recap

Yes I have been missing for a long time. 1. I am not doing much lately but sleeping. 2. When I am not sleeping I am working or trying to head out or keep my self occupied or I am actually busy.

In the last while, UBC has set me up with a psychiatrist whom I am currently seeing every 2 weeks. She formally diagnosed me as bipolar with something called “hypomania”. My medicine from 40mg fluoxetine has been changed to 20 mg fluoxetine AND 600mg of Lithium. We’re going to slowly lay me off the anti-depressants while increasing the Lithium. Lithium and Fluoxetine together causes a risk of Serotonin Syndrome so I would need to change the anti-depressants.

Lithium comes with needing regular blood tests as it affects the blood, liver, and kidneys. Since being on the drug for the past 1 and half weeks, I’ve had to have 2 blood tests. 

I feel dizzy due to the side effects. 


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