Guess who found a turtle randomly on the side of the road?? ME! Dad saw a gigantic turtle about to cross the road and get run over by a car, so he (safely) stopped the car in the middle of the road. I ran out of the car and picked up the heavy-as-fuck-crawling-with-bugs-on-the-shell turtle without hesitation and got back in the car with her resting on my lap. 

I’m naming her Watermelon because we found her in the summer heat, and she is quite round/circular shaped for a red-eared turtle. Did I mention she is HEAVY AS FUCK…  Anyways I’ve got 5 turtles now. Next post will feature all 5 turtles! For now, I’ve got to tend to Watermelon. She likes the taste of turtle pellets over wild turtle food mix. I am positive she was abandoned by her previous owner because of the turtle pellet preference and her friendliness to humans. By her shell, her outer rings are much healthier than the recent ones, which supports my assumption. (Turtle shell ring growth is like those inside a tree; one can track it’s history, health, and growth each year)

In the picture, I’ve placed my hand as a comparison. My hand in a fist is slightly smaller than a naval orange.  I estimate  her shell is 10 inches long from head to tail, 3 inches thick, 6 inches wide. HUGE!!

In Chinese culture, turtles are a lucky creature. They symbolize a long life and perseverance. My mom said to find one in cold, freezing Canada in a city where little wildlife exists means I’ve been blessed/ will be blessed and I am extremely, EXTREMELY lucky. I mean, what are the chances of saving a sacred animal on the verge of death?? In addition, it was a hot day today and cold-blooded turtles naturally should seek shade…. we just happened to see Watermelon pop up for her brief walk. I honestly cannot believe my luck either (well mostly my Dad’s amazing eyesight and quick road sense), and I am overjoyed at having a new member of my turtle family!! Talk about being at the right place and right time, and a chance in a billion. I’m going to try my hand at the lottery tomorrow XD 


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