Faith in Humanity- Restored

Longish post!

Today I had class down on Wreck Beach (UBC). We took Trail 3 down, a 15ish minute wooden staircase, like the Grouse Grind … but 15ish minutes. The beach was the classroom and the ocean waves the chalkboard board: 

We played with cute little crabs while surveying the area for abundance of wildlife for research to make sure populations were healthy, thus meaning the environment was doing well. (The second crab looks angry that I disturbed its sleep with the crossed arms and angry stare).

Going up Trail 3 was exciting. Hiking for class! Yay!! I was one of the first to trek up the stairs. After less than 5 minutes I started to feel breathless and tired. Physically I wanted to feel the burn of a good workout and continued. Also I didn’t want to be left behind by my classmates thus trudged on at a slower pace. Eventually me, who was at the start of the hiking classmate crowd slipped to the back of the line and I needed to break more often and reduce my pace.

I was having some trouble breathing which I brushed off as the increase off need for oxygen in the muscles. Suddenly a classmate whom I’ve never talked to or knew the name of noticed I was lagging behind and asked if I was alright. He encouraged me to take my own pace and time while offering to help carry my backpack (which was extremely reliving due to my brick of a laptop). While on the slow way up, this stranger encouraged me not to push myself and do things at my own pace no matter how long it took while talking about when he was in air cadets they learned to stick together and to help the weaker members out. He firmly believed that it was important to help those who cannot help themselves. He even made a walking cane out a a stick lying around to assist me.

Near the top I really couldn’t breathe and started wheezing for breath. It was hard to talk and breath. It felt like my lungs were constricted. Having had asthma attacks before as a kid, I realized what was going on. It was hard not to cry and panic, because that would make things worse. But it was scary not being able to breathe and drowning on land. The entire time, the classmate was patient and so incredibly helpful. I think without their help, presence, and encouragement I would have collapsed due to lack of air and lost consciousness. I closed my eyes and tried to calm down and breathe. My lungs opened after a minute or so but it felt like forever. Then we continued the way up slowly.

When we were back at UBC campus, I honestly and sincerely thanked the classmate and we parted ways. He said it was really no big deal, but honestly to me it was. I don’t think I would have made it without his kindness and help. I was a pessimist who thought the world is a selfish place, stranger danger, and nice people only want to take advantage of you. Today a stranger approached me and changed my views on humanity. I will see him in class again next week and I wish I could thank him or pay him back, but some things/ events like today as I learned, is not a transaction or a trade. It is just the unselfish kindness of one human being to another. I hope I can be friends with him and learn how to be such a generous and kind person.

In an different note: time to get that sudden asthma checked out 😦


Not much has happened lately other than the pattern of work-school-work-school. So! I present to you this game called “Ennuigi”.

“Ennuigi” is a flash based game where you play a depressed and hopeless Luigi having an existential crisis. The entire game consists of wandering around your beloved 1970s (I think) “Super Mario Brothers” 2-D land and watching it decay before you eyes. It is a very dark version of Mario. I found it quite creepy as well. The background is all black and dark. Pretty interesting if you are seriously bored.

Content warning for cigarette smoking and a depressing mood.


10:10 PM

My younger brother has just booked his high school graduation photos. I can’t help but feel nostalgic about mine 3 years ago. Also it is just hitting me that my teeny tiny baby little 6 feet tall brother is graduation Grade 12 and entering university this year … epp!! Mom and I have been fussing over him all evening, planning his grad outfits and looking up colour coordination ideas for his Dry Grad and walk-across-the-stage/ Commencement. I feel like I will cry seeing him walk across the stage … I hope I don’t because I am the cool older sister who acts like she doesn’t care for her brother but in reality really does.

Ahh… now I must fight tears of this new strange feeling (of which I don’t know how to describe) …. this feeling of accepting that time moves so fast and my little brother will continue to grow. I wish he would stay little sometimes and that time would stand still … yet time goes on thus the distance between us grows.

don’t judge a class by the textbook

I DID IT!! I went to all 3 of my classes: Biol 140, Psych 207, Anth 215.

Biol was fun, we played with sea snails, tiny crabs, 0.5cm tiny shrimp things (which I forgot the name), and pillbugs whom live in water. So cool, except I forgot my workbook which sucked. 

Psychology was … interesting. It turned out the theme of the course was Childbirth and how it relates to psychology/ brain processes…. which I didn’t expect but I can live with it because it seems to be an easy class. However, watching YouTube videos of women having orgasms while giving birth in a outdoor swimming pool was not. I mean it can happen, I’m not judging that part, but it is kinda awkward watching labor-contration-pregnant-childbirth porn in a class of 100. 

Finally Anthropology 215. It was misleading. Anthropology is the study of culture, I agree, but when you get a textbook list that says “SOUL OF ANIME”, it is rather concerning:

Nevertheless, I understand to not judge a class by questionable books with titles chosen by “weeaboos”. It was quite opposite of what I dreaded. No mention of anime or acts of cultural appropriation, but a lecture on the different aboriginal groups that lived in Japan and their incredible stories (of which our Westernized and Eurocentric education never even blinked at). It was insightful and sad when I sat through this lecture, learning about the persecution of certain groups, and realizing how biased our Education system is. We only focus on Europe despite such terrible things happening elsewhere that should be known. 

(*trigger warning*) For example, in Okinawa, when the US troops were stationed there in 1995, 3 personnel part of the army rented a van, kidnapped a 12-year old Japanese girl, tied + beat + taped her eyes and mouth shut, and raped her. The poor girl survived. This had severe and permanent political implications between Japan and the US, as well as ruining the girl’s life forever and for her family. We don’t learn about how US army personnel are such assholes towards the Japanese in Japan in Western education…. only that the US is a hero and saved the world from the Nazis. They literally went and fucked around, hurting people especially women and young girls, despite being a guest in the country. 

I feel Anthropology, despite having weird textbooks, will be the most eye-opening and will help me let got of Colonial ideas/ Eurocentric perspective on history. After all, history is biased. It is the winners that write the history textbooks, and it is important to know all sides to the story.

1:00 AM

I got in bed at 12:30am today which is a BIG improvement. However I cannot sleep. My throat is ssssoooo dry and I’ve already gotten out of bed and crept into the kitchen twice for water. Ugh … not looking forward to peeing in the middle of the night. 

My goal tomorrow is to go to all my classes! All 3 of them and no skipping. I’ll probably need an iced coffee.

2:47 AM

Wheeeeee I’m still awake!! Anyways I feel paranoid that I’m going to be attacked in my bed in the dark by shadow people so I’m going to sleep with the lights on. I do need to get some sleep because school tomorrow. 

I feel less stressed because I’ve figured out my BIOL 153 backup plan. In my first year, I didn’t take an optional lab (EOSC 111) that came with a science class I did (EOSC 114). That optional lab is 1 credit. Without BIOL 153 (3 credits), my courses  are : BIOL 121 (3 credits), PSYC 207 (3 credits), and BIOL 140 (2 credits). Add EOSC 111 and 9 credits!! 

The epiphany literally came around 2-3am some other night. I felt an angel chorus of “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” desend upon my sinful body and lift my into the arms of Jesus. In other words, I smashed my head into the nearest object wondering why I didn’t think of this sooner.

12:57 PM

So my original last day of work was October 16th. Now I’m asked again to cover for two more weeks if they can’t find new people. Keep in mind my 2 weeks notice was for September 18th. If they can’t find anyone, I have to work until October 30th. 
My second language is not too good so I am bad at arguing with the manager whom speaks that language. I honestly don’t want to work until then and I am thinking of threatening them with the Labor Laws of BC or walking out on the job.