September 9, 2016 

Hello after a long hiatus! I am back, which isn’t a good thing. It has come to my attention that school has started again with all the crap that comes with it. What better way to de-stress than to start posting again? I was doing perfectly fine during the summer when I only had to deal with work….
List of things that have gone wrong once September reared its ugly head:

1. I can’t get into a class (Biol153) I need for getting into the UBC nursing program in September, thus I need to waste another year of my life.

2. I have 8 credits. I need 9 to be considered a full time student. If not, I need to pay back my student loans. (If I can get into Biol 153 I can have 11 credits.)

3. My stomach hurts after every meal and after visiting a doctor, I need to give a medical lab “bacterial specimens”. I’m not elaborating on that one.

4. One Biol class I have successfully squeezed myself in ends at 9pm. My bus home takes 2 hours. I’m getting back home at 11pm the earliest if traffic is good.

5. If I can’t get into Biol 153, I need to pay back the student loans which are in a high interest investment account (an account which gives me more money due to interest and low risk investments but I cannot take back out for a year).

6. How can I find 20k asap? 

7. Most of my problems can be solved if I can get into Biol 153
In an attempt to solve my stress, I gave a two weeks notice in to work on September 4th, saying my last day was September 18th. Quitting work will allow me more time to organize my life and do homework. HOWEVER, work is short on people and I can’t quit until October 20th. This brings me into conflict with the Labor Laws of BC. I’m hoping to not get involved in legal issues and just quit work peacefully and as quickly as possible. 


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