1:30 AM – 9 months later, same sleep habits 

I remember in January of this year I told myself and promised myself that I’d sleep earlier; 11pm – 12:30pm. Guess what time it is?!? 1:30am!! Guess who is awake?? ME!!

I also cannot function without at least 8 hours of sleep. I usually sleep 10-12 hours straight if I have nothing planned for the day. I tend sleep 2am until 2pm and just lie in bed until 4pm where I get up/shower/brush teeth/ breakfast. I haven’t improved since January. Or it is a habit that needs to go….

I’m not sure if it is a habit because I am always tired and sleepy. I automatically fall asleep on the bus despite 10 hours of sleep. My brain feels permanently foggy. I’m currently attempting to read and failing. 

If it is a habit, I find habits hard to kick. I have little self control for things like sleep. I love working late at night and the silence of the world in my ears…. no sun to shine in my eyes or reflect harshly on my books. In fact, I work best around 11pm- 1am. But mornings are a killer when you sleep at 2am. 


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