2:47 AM

Wheeeeee I’m still awake!! Anyways I feel paranoid that I’m going to be attacked in my bed in the dark by shadow people so I’m going to sleep with the lights on. I do need to get some sleep because school tomorrow. 

I feel less stressed because I’ve figured out my BIOL 153 backup plan. In my first year, I didn’t take an optional lab (EOSC 111) that came with a science class I did (EOSC 114). That optional lab is 1 credit. Without BIOL 153 (3 credits), my courses  are : BIOL 121 (3 credits), PSYC 207 (3 credits), and BIOL 140 (2 credits). Add EOSC 111 and 9 credits!! 

The epiphany literally came around 2-3am some other night. I felt an angel chorus of “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” desend upon my sinful body and lift my into the arms of Jesus. In other words, I smashed my head into the nearest object wondering why I didn’t think of this sooner.


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