don’t judge a class by the textbook

I DID IT!! I went to all 3 of my classes: Biol 140, Psych 207, Anth 215.

Biol was fun, we played with sea snails, tiny crabs, 0.5cm tiny shrimp things (which I forgot the name), and pillbugs whom live in water. So cool, except I forgot my workbook which sucked. 

Psychology was … interesting. It turned out the theme of the course was Childbirth and how it relates to psychology/ brain processes…. which I didn’t expect but I can live with it because it seems to be an easy class. However, watching YouTube videos of women having orgasms while giving birth in a outdoor swimming pool was not. I mean it can happen, I’m not judging that part, but it is kinda awkward watching labor-contration-pregnant-childbirth porn in a class of 100. 

Finally Anthropology 215. It was misleading. Anthropology is the study of culture, I agree, but when you get a textbook list that says “SOUL OF ANIME”, it is rather concerning:

Nevertheless, I understand to not judge a class by questionable books with titles chosen by “weeaboos”. It was quite opposite of what I dreaded. No mention of anime or acts of cultural appropriation, but a lecture on the different aboriginal groups that lived in Japan and their incredible stories (of which our Westernized and Eurocentric education never even blinked at). It was insightful and sad when I sat through this lecture, learning about the persecution of certain groups, and realizing how biased our Education system is. We only focus on Europe despite such terrible things happening elsewhere that should be known. 

(*trigger warning*) For example, in Okinawa, when the US troops were stationed there in 1995, 3 personnel part of the army rented a van, kidnapped a 12-year old Japanese girl, tied + beat + taped her eyes and mouth shut, and raped her. The poor girl survived. This had severe and permanent political implications between Japan and the US, as well as ruining the girl’s life forever and for her family. We don’t learn about how US army personnel are such assholes towards the Japanese in Japan in Western education…. only that the US is a hero and saved the world from the Nazis. They literally went and fucked around, hurting people especially women and young girls, despite being a guest in the country. 

I feel Anthropology, despite having weird textbooks, will be the most eye-opening and will help me let got of Colonial ideas/ Eurocentric perspective on history. After all, history is biased. It is the winners that write the history textbooks, and it is important to know all sides to the story.


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