2:49 PM

I forgot my bus pass for the first time. I only realized I left it when I got on the bus. I didn’t have enough spare change either to pay for the bus fare. It was so embarassing holding up the whole bus. The bus driver kinda ignored the fact and started the bus, then continued along the route. I asked if he would like me to leave the bus but got ignored. Perhaps ignorance is bliss to him or he was being passionate aggressive. He was quite rude to my polite questions but I didn’t do anything to stick up for myself because he already let me on and I didn’t want to get kicked off the bus and be late for work. 

A kind stranger on the bus had spare change and bought me a bus ticket after glaring at the driver. I thanked him for helping me. He said it wasn’t worth gambling a bus ticket for a $200 fine, and that I seemed to be a responsible and reliable person having an unlucky day. I get so shocked by random acts of kindess that it makes me a bit emotional. It’s so rare to encounter a stranger whom has no bad intentions towards you and only truly wants to help. 

Most times a stranger talks to me is when I’m being disgustingly catcalled (which I scream back at them profanities. I have zero tolerance for catcalling and am more than happy by taking my anger of partriachy out on them verbally). In reponse, I’ve developed a self defense mechanism for being suspicious of all strangers when they approach me. My heart pounds and adrenaline rushes in and I am ready to instantly scream loudly when approached. That is why when a stranger with no bad intentions talks to me, I am overwhelmed and think I need to repay their kindness by thanking them profusely. The kind person really made my day and kindness really goes a long way. I feel slightly less distrusting of strangers on transit and more willing to do the same for other strangers whom forgot their bus pass. Sadly my bad encounters with strangers have vastly outnumbered the good… 


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