Meet: Yuriko Kotani

Meet one of my favourite comedians! I found her on one of those YouTube sessions where one clicks on random videos. Freaking hilarious. She deals with issues like subtle racism in everyday life as well as a comparison between different cultural norms.

Link to Yuriko Kotani On Stand Up Central:

Her video has captions. 🙂

Spoiler alert!!! Below is the most satisfying part:

tumblr_o8m0f97yHb1qc8jh0o1_1280tumblr_o8m0f97yHb1qc8jh0o2_1280tumblr_o8m0f97yHb1qc8jh0o3_1280tumblr_o8m0f97yHb1qc8jh0o4_1280tumblr_o8m0f97yHb1qc8jh0o5_1280tumblr_o8m0f97yHb1qc8jh0o7_1280Me internally: (YASSSS GG GHET REKT *MIC DROP*) She is a gift to humankind!!

I need her saying “Get it right, motherfucker” as my ringtone…. unfortunately I have an iPhone. But I would’ve in a heartbeat. Go Yuriko Kotani!!!



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