5:20 AM

Hello! As of June 10th, 2017, I’ve decided to start using “CW” content warnings, or “TW” trigger warnings in my posts. My blog description already has warnings but my posts have been varied lately from food to music to whatever I’m interested in. I think it would be a good idea to use them in individual posts as well, so when I occasionally change topics back to mental health so there are no sudden suprises. Better to use extra warnings than too little! 

I mean I can be talking about a cool movie then BAM! Something upsetting. For serious and upsetting topics I’ll make them bolded with stars (***) on the top of the post. For non-upsetting things like media spoilers or minor things (such as warnings or minor phobias that will not trigger memories) I will just warn beforehand. The format may change depending on the post. Eg. I have a picture of a real spider in my post = (CW: “arachnophobia”) which will be placed before the spider picture can be seen. Eg. I talk in depth about suicide = ***TW: Suicide*** at the top of the page or near it, with enough spacing for the content to be unseen. It will take a bit of experimentation with formatting until I find a stable one. 

I think trigger warnings are important. It isn’t self- censoring or anything. It’s when a topic is upsetting or brings back unwanted memories that can make one unhappy. One should be able to choose their own happiness even in the form of reading.

This is my relaxing, safe space, and I want to make it yours as well. 


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