Personality and Playlists- Intro (30 day song challenge prompts)

You can learn a lot about someone by listening to their playlists. A simple google search can turn up too many articles of people trying to study this connection.

For example, I am often classified as INTJ or INFJ in the myer-briggs 16-personality types tests. My musical choices match up with the personality types’ music choices (alt. rock and classical) on this website. (Note: my INTJ/INFJ disreprencies may be due to me taking the test on a manic mood than retaking in a depressive mood. My mood may affect my answers. I am more pensive when depressed versus being more reckless and confident when manic. Who knows??).

It is interesting to note that my music choices depends on my mood. No, I don’t mean sadness or neurotypical moods. I mean hypomanic or depressive. It’s complicated; hypomanic sad music and depression sad music is completely different.

Anyways, I’m gong to be doing the 30 Day Song Challenge. I won’t be doing it for 30 days straight. More like once a week when I have nothing queued up because I am busy studying. It is more like a 30 week song challenge, but the “days” are prompts. Also for some of the days I have more than one song. There will be a number one choice, followed by the runner ups. I mean I’m only posting the song challenge once a week, so I think its okay it I occasionally have more than one song. I’ll also post the lyrics so you don’t have to search them up.

At the end of the song challenge, I will post a master list without the runner ups.

Of course this is just a glimpse of the music I enjoy. The prompts don’t allow me to fully share all the wonderful artists I listen to. You might notice I have a bunch of “older” stuff, yes, because I like it and music has no expiry date. Also I have no consistent music genre (much like my mood …haha.. self depreciating joke?). I can go from alt. punk to classical. I mean, get you a girl than can do both, right? 😉

I will start posting the songs next week… I need some time to get my shit playlist together of course.


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