Personality and Playlists- Day 02

day 02 – your least favorite song

Robin Thicke- “Blurred Lines

This song deserves no link so I will post a wonderful parody by the Auckland University Law students (LAW students!!!) you should watch instead. There will also be no lyrics provided at the end. I will now proceed to rant.

***Content warning for all the borderline sexual assaults in the shitty song***

The original song lyrics are so disgusting. No means no. The line is defined and not movable. The line is not “blurred”. Girls are not animals, and should not be described as domesticated. Don’t smack a girl and pull her hair. If you have a girlfriend, don’t cheat on her for a “hotter bad bitch”. Calling yourself a “nice guy” means you ain’t no fucking nice guy. Someone who is nice does not need to call themselves nice, everyone already knows. If you need to yell that you’re a “nice guy”, then you’ve got some work to do to prove it.

This parody is a purposeful role reversal to make you think and feel uncomfortable. But you know what? The same derogatory things are done to the men in the parody as the women in the original. We’re just more used to seeing women in that position that it is weird to reverse it.


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