This is my online journal and a safe place for me to express my thoughts. While I could do this in any old physical journal, I currently struggle with bipolar disorder II, as well as some anxiety, and have battled severe depression in the past. I thought it would be helpful to those also struggling with the same issues as myself to understand themselves more. I understand the struggle, and I’m hoping that those struggling with mental health disorders will read my posts and feel that they are never alone.

Occasionally there are some bad days, so trigger warnings/ content warnings for depression, suicide, and mental health disorders. I am not a psychiatrist or anything of that sort. I simply express how I feel and talk about what I enjoy.

As you’ve noticed, I’ve started my blog during my severe depression days. I’ve kept the old blog description for myself as an encouragement of how far I’ve come. While I did not meet my goal of posting once a day during that chaotic time, I have met my goal of overcoming that period and finally feeling happy again.



Updated April 3, 2017




Hello! My name is Amanda.

I am learning how to vocalize my thoughts and say the name of the monster. At times I am vague because I am uncomfortable but I still try.

This blog will help me provide a record for significant things that happened, and keep track of how I am feeling during this time period. (Trigger warnings. There is some upsetting stuff.)

My goal is to post everyday of this year.


Updated January 2016

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